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Most powerful solution on the market - works even with low bandwidth:

  • First-class image quality

    Independent tests show that TeamViewer offers the best image quality and outperforms competing products in screen latency, color grade, greyscale and image resolution.

  • Broadest device and system coverage

    TeamViewer is best in class and runs on most operating systems, mobile and IoT devices.

  • Quickest file transfer rate

    TeamViewer surpasses the competition by far in the point-to-point transfer of files. Comparable providers need more than twice as long.

  • Quickly connected

    No other tool connects you to a remote device faster.

  • Reliable and fail-safe

    The global router network guarantees connections with the lowest latency and easy scalability - even in low-bandwidth environments

  • Instantly ready for use

    No complicated configuration necessary. TeamViewer is installed with just a few clicks and immediately ready for use.

Security made in Germany

  • Industry-leading security

    Our software and IT infrastructure offer the highest standards. In addition to many security features, the security of our infrastructure is confirmed by numerous certifications.

  • First-class data protection

    As a global technology company with roots in Germany, the protection of user and customer data is especially important to us. Our data protection organization ensures daily compliance with data protection rules, such as those of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Consistent protection against abuse

    TeamViewer takes the security of its users very seriously. Several security features protect you from unauthorized access. Additionally, only users with validated accounts can establish a connection.